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August 24, 2007

New Studio and Media

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112701532_039c0bd31a.jpgby Joseph Chiang

So excited that for the first time in my life there is a room devoted to place various art supplies, easels, papers, and a couple good sized work tables. We just moved to this house so it is all yet to be seen what really works. Once set up my hope is to get some of my work onto this blog.

For now I will just mention some of the media I will have all at once at my fingertips. Some of my best work is multimedia. For example putting pastel over a watercolor. I have found watercolor pencils to be a real drag. I thought oh I will do a sketch of subject with a watercolor pencil before painting then discovered the color from the pencil line exploded onto the page creating an unwanted additional color and chaos. I really had to start over. Do you use watercolor pencils? For what?

For years I used to do a lot with oil craypas, had a lot of fun with it until I found quality watercolors can be very brilliant colors too. I got sick of mashing my fingers into the oil on the page to get what I wanted. The flow of watercolor, its gentleness is very attractive to me.

So I first switched from craypas to a watercolor crayon which I had less fun with so far since it tends to create a rough look to a piece. I really like working on hot pressed paper to get the smoothest paper. With hot pressed you get to pick every spot you want the color to go or not go. With rougher cold pressed the rough texture leaves “holes” of white that I may or may not have chosen and it is hard to fill them in, I just don’t see how people work with that and really cold pressed seems to sell faster since that is what most stores have in abundance.

Then there was the ink exploration. I really love the way an ink line, especially a thin to thick painted line, sits beside bright white space on the page. There is so much clarity and confidence and certainty about it, it is almost like math. Here is the answer, no ifs ands or buts. It takes a little bit of courage or on-ness, where you just know you are on to work in it. To grab up a pen and just take off on a blank sheet and do it well is empowering. The result feels chiseled in with some sense of age and history. And when you shine the light on the page, the beauty of the contrast of the lines hold up to scrutiny. However there is much less play, it is a one shot deal, your in and your out. With watercolor you can pick up pigment, do many layers, come back again and again for hours and the painting just keeps getting better. With an ink drawing either you got it right or you didn’t and it is done.

Working with charcoal and water I have had a little fun and feel like I could explore more.

The changing, limitless color possibilities and the blooming and flowing of watercolor is still my favorite media.

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