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June 24, 2008

A new page in my painting life

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At the moment I am so busy I haven’t painted in about 6 months. Wow, and I am starting to feel that familiar wish to do something again. I left in the middle of the largest painting I have done in eight years and it has lots of details and glazing and is based around a conversation some birds are having around a murky pond. We see them on their eye level and they are small storks.

I had frustration when I learned via the WetCanvas forum that I can no longer rely on my favorite method of the past 5 (?) years of working from professional photos without concerns of potential copyright issues. It is just taking some adjusting in my head and ultimately I think I will be thrilled to be painting photos I took that hold memory for me of a time and place in my life.

So I will be turning a new page. From the past few months of in frequent photographing I already have some great photos that I took at the zoo to start working with. Because of that success I have some hope, I still have to get the images printed and see how I feel about their detail. Still I want to finish the large painting I started. I feel some real frustration about not having painted for so long, life is just so busy now and that is just the way it is. Still I am hoping to squeeze in a little time to get a re-start somewhere before the summer is over. Sometimes that means getting up at 4 am and taking flight in my studio. It is such a passion and there is so much yet for me to learn. My goal is to continue focusing on learning techniques and color studies to create final projects before I explore with pure creativity straight out of my head images and/or still life and really have fun. I think that work for me would aim toward Shirley Trevena’s. Peggy Macnamara is still my role model for my staying focused on technique and color study and I love the products too so that is fine. Right now the sky in the bird painting I have been working on is full of looseness and whimsy, splash and dash, bleeding of colors in streaks and light bouncing from everywhere. Just need a little guts to get set up again…

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