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August 20, 2008

The Klopfenstein easel

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I don’t know why I am bothering to post about this, I guess I hope others don’t make the same mistake I made of waiting so long to get a strong easel (like a Klopfenstein H-frame or something as strong and mobile as it), even if you are working small. And I don’t get why when you look for stronger easels, every store is selling primarily expensive flimsy wooden easels, maybe I will find out why one day, still whenever I go up to a typical wooden H-frame and just tap them lightly they shake. I should say I have seen one that looks a bit like a tree, immobile and like it weighs a thousand pounds, I just don’t want that behemouth in my house so I haven’t tapped it. Otherwise, are we supposed to just wait between paint strokes for the wobbling to stop? I don’t think so.

I had the pleasure of working with both the H-frame and A-frame Klopfenstein easels at a large University that provided them for classroom use. These easels are so strong the strength seems to seep right into the work. You feel you could swing from these not just lean on them like a strong shoulder you might lean on for comfort. Just recently I finally decided to order one (H frame), I can’t think what took me so long to come around to that after working for so many years on the flimsiest of A-frames. The Klopfenstein is a mountain and I am sure it will actually expand what I am able to do.

I am having such a time painting some alligators I photo-ed in the zoo, I will have to get some photos of it up soon. It is clamped down to a 6 pound wooden board (also a mistake I need a lighter gatorboard or incredible board as DickBlick calls it that weighs about 1 pound). I like to be free to quickly yank the board up and move the paint around by tilting the board. Also I wanted to say drafting board types of easels that tilt back don’t work for me because I can’t adjust them fast enough and don’t want them tilted back when I work, with me leaning over them cranking my back into knots, how relaxing can that be? I just want to stand up straight or sit up straight and see the whole thing flat in front of me along with my taped up paint study and light/dark sketch I have created for the painting and the photo if I have to work from a photo.

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