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May 5, 2012

Sketching from a live webcam; Artist’s Journals; Gregory Danny

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Very often an adult hawk comes to visit the 3 babies and I have been sketching them all, see the cam:

I spent many years drawing models in art classes, so it was lots of fun to draw these birds up close like this! I want to note how much fun I have had discovering sketch artists’ stories from around the world via books (Cathy Johnson;s Artist’s Journal (excellent teaching on how-to and inspiration); The Illustrated life (Gregory Danny); the Art of Urban Sketching; etc.), Youtube (of course) and vimeo (I really enjoy Gregory Danny’s video: The Art of Breakfast, see:

I love sketching everything around me in a carefree way. In the book the Creative License, Gregory Danny notes “Keeping a [art] journal is a way to focus your life, to extract what is meaningful about each day…[touching] your reptilian core. Making pictures is pre-verbal so it brings enormous clarity…non-judgemental, completetly present, [letting go] of fear and judgment…believing in yourself (p.61).

Also, I finally framed one of my favorite paintings I ever made, enjoy the goat:

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