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May 12, 2012

Observational Drawing Mind

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Judgement can drop away with the habit of observational drawing. Today I drew many sketches of horses as they wondered here and there. These were all very quickly made and the products really weren’t the goal. The habit of mind though, that is interesting. When you draw something quickly from real life you have to focus all your attention on a kind of measuring. Like if you were going to measure your dresser, you’d get the measuring tape and for a moment you’d stop any judging mind about the dresser. It makes sense that drawing for a while at a time this way really wears a different neuronal path in the brain. It habituates a pattern of thinking.

So on the drive from the stable we drove past a barn I have seen many times. Still in my drawing mind, I was quite glad thinking how much fun it could be, the experience of drawing this barn; taking in its surroundings, the trees and shrub shapes, the slight hill, the fence. I was thinking how it might be to bring those shades and shapes onto a page in some way as we drove by. Then I noticed, wait I have seen this same barn many times and I remembered an old story I had played before about the terribly chipped paint and how the owner must have to deal with that and what a pain for them, and how awful it looks with so much missing paint and the wood must be rotten now, maybe this barn isn’t wanted anymore, wonder what’s the state is of its owners, etc. LOL

So here I was this time in a very different place with the old barn. Really delighting in it;  taking it in as it was sans story lines with great curiosity for its shapes and colors and surroundings. It was very interesting to notice that, with all the training I’ve had in mindfulness practice, I never saw this “drawing mind” explored much. It is not the same drawing mind that draws from the imagination. That is nothing against the delightful dragon you can draw and the flight it can take you on. It is just to say drawing has more than one mind.

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