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August 25, 2013

A quote from the New York times I wanted to remember

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“Drawing may be the most intimate and honest of all art mediums. Its lightweight materials enable artists to work almost anywhere and often give their efforts a truth-telling transparency that exposes the very nerve endings of their talent. Sometimes drawings function almost as a kind of signature, distilling an artist’s sensibility to its essence. Sometimes they express gifts visible in no other medium.” (New York Times, WeekendArtsII, C21, Friday April 19, 2013.


When you can show up, arrive in an uncomplicated, unburdened way, as fully present as possible, into a space, you have a chance at drawing an honest, authentic reflection. Your experience in the space can still rise to the top and come out the pencil. You bring so much with you into the space and then drawing brings more into the space. So there’s a lot happening.


Cleaning a paintbrush and fiddling with color choices takes you away. It’s distraction as though you put makeup on your drawing, you cover up. When you only show up with a couple pencils and a notebook, it’s just you and the experience, you didn’t add something else to come in between. Now you can be more with what you notice, since there is less to take in. It is like you just can go very deep noticing new things when there is so much to take in.


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  1. Beautifully said, Elizabeth! I believe those thoughts apply to almost any hobby — a chance to be fully present in it. I’m not too good, yet, at ‘being more with what I notice’, but I do love having time to get lost in my hobby. Thanks for your thoughts!

    Comment by Carol — August 25, 2013 @ 9:10 pm

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