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March 23, 2014

how to post your art – just as I know it – drawing the orchestra

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Sitting in a whole foods eatery I opened my sketchbook and getting my pencil out the kind gentleman behind me looked over my shoulder saw the art and asked, who are you? I said well that is a complicated question, people write books about it I think, we smiled. It turned out I was having the honor of meeting Jack Hernon of a drawing circle led by Susette Sides. Being all free to be spontaneous and quick about it since I fly home tomorrow, we all went to Susette’s house where she led a journey through a few random journals (of sketchbooks she’s filled; did they say hundreds of sketchbooks? they were everywhere, it was awesome).

Countless drawings of the orchestra up close in rehearsal; also nudes, portraits, I photoed rather furiously after (somewhat accidentally) disassembling a lamp for good lighting. Her skill is AMAZING. A retired medical illustrator she leads drawing groups in Winston-Salem, NC and it is all about the experience of sketching…I have the feeling I could learn from her for years and only just be beginning.

Alas she is not online at home, although does have an email. I will ask if she’d like me to splash the photos onto a webpage for her and add her email the way Roz does on her super fun and inspiring Rozwoundup blog. Then thought I’d like to tell the simple process that I would pick in case it is useful to anyone. One thing I am is software savy after four degrees (including a masters) and decades of computer work…lalala anywho. Here is what I would do saying keep it simple or it doesn’t happen. If anyone finds my method lacking, I’m a little open to it but mostly exhausted by such a busy life…oh goodness I have to go (I get to draw my mom quilting!) so quickly here it is…

I found scanning is just too exhausting to tackle large volumes of sketches. Photographing is VERY FAST. For example, I recently pushed 100 of photos of my favorite sketches into a large snapfish book. They have a binding that lays flat (option only for their largest sized book) and the quality was really fine. To photo, I binder clipped open some sketchbooks and clamped lamps onto the klopenfenstein easel. Mostly I could just hold them open with one hand and snap the camera (in auto mode) with the other. If it isn’t simple, it doesn’t happen. And now instead of piles of journals I could never find my favorites from, I have a book, always reprintable or editable in snapfish, donesy! Also kudos to which has been my blogging friend for over a decade now. I understand typepad is also a good option. It makes taking those photos and pushing them into a website a complete cinch. Blog=website same thing. It’s free and with “” stuck onto the end of the URL no one tries to steal your website name (wanting the name for their company, that happened to me with one of the over a hundred websites I have made). What I really want is for Gregory Danny to swoop down from the heavens and interview her and publish some of her work in one of his books. Here that Gregory? oh, I may have to email you directly right! Best to all sharing their work and experiences! BEST!


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  1. Though almost all of this is way over my head, I did the homework – clicking onto the artists and viewing their work, and reading your story about being in Whole Foods – and about the chance encounter with Jack Hernon – then going to Susette’s house. All of this seems so providential. Betsy, you are so talented. I’m very proud of you. And I just can’t get over that Jack Hernon happened to see your work and liked it so much that he has introduced you to some more professional artists. What are the chances of that???? Sounds like you and your mom are having a wonderful time. Take care – Susan Curet

    Comment by frank cureton — March 23, 2014 @ 7:25 pm

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