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November 12, 2016


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On you can listen to Ed Brown’s talk on Self Worth. I must have heard it 20 times so far and think I might sometime really hear what he’s saying there. He seems to say we each have this inner voice vs. an imposed from outside idea of what you should be and what you must think in order to be that. Familiarity with that voice means you can see the boundary between what is really you and what is fictional. Acting from a stripped voice is a bit like reenacting the Sisyphus story. Painting can be putting the voice in its undeniable uniqueness out there so that it can’t be missed or paved over. It’s apparent, then what do you do with that? How do you see it? Equanimit-able (from equanimity) familiarity can grow. Of course meditation is the way to grow this. After 4 and 3/4 degrees including a masters, plus an additional more not-for-credit classes than for-credit classes, mindfulness practice has had the most profound effect on me of anything I’ve ever studied. And here it even seems to have a comment on a way forward to paint. Thinking of its concept of no solid self or no self, a true painting would always rely on listening; it’s not – I paint in bright colors because I always do, it’s listening and proceeding with that. Interesting to think the habit could have an effect on the way we walk thru life, either more authentically or trying to smoosh ourselves into a box.

“If you can set aside being good and set aside being bad, what about being an ordinary person. Just an ordinary human being…just being you, just being an ordinary person…and we’re able to connect because we’re not busy with how I look” Ed Epse Brown, zen master

The fictional idea that we make up about who we ought to be and how we match up to that image can create a lot of needless misery…”so set aside your arrogance and take a look around…the daily sense of damage comes to an end…a million suns come forward when I sit in that light” Kabir



  1. I love this girl!! She’s all decked out in her new pink outfit, but if you look in her eye you’ll see that she’s a bit unsure of herself, and a little wary of what you might say to her. She might need some of that talk on self-worth… I think she’s one of your very best! She’s spectacular, and you tell her I said so!

    (also I think you said if you can set aside being bad and set aside being bad, when you meant being good….

    Comment by Mom, who loves you very much! — November 12, 2016 @ 4:21 am

  2. I think her name must be Rebecca.

    Comment by Mom, who loves you very much! — November 12, 2016 @ 1:58 pm

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