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June 4, 2017


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My main palette had become a total mess and this morning was clean up time (removing spills and some pans). I use double sided tape to gently pin down pans so I can rearrange them quickly.

Shown here, specialized blues: turq.; pthalo blue green; cobalt; purple-blue.


The greens are all next to the blues: sap, gr. gold, pthalo yellow green, pthalo. gr. yellow.

The yellow-most ones next to the yellow orange group: Quin yellow, new gamboge, scarlet lake, quin gold .

Next are 2 pinks, opera (in a whole pan) and quin. rose and its favorite friend for mixing: ultramarine blue.

Lastly pyrol red, raw umber, naptha. maroon.

Each pan is labeled with permanent pen ideally readable from wherever it’s currently sitting.



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  1. Good grief! I can only process red, green, blue, etc. I had to google those other colors. When did my darling daughter learn all those big words? I continue to be astounded at your talents! You make my head spin.

    Comment by Mom, who loves you very much! — June 5, 2017 @ 11:27 am

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